How long is the commitment for this campaign?
The Freedom campaign will last for three years.

What is the current financial condition of the church? What are the plans to manage the current budget?
Ridgecrest Baptist Church’s financial condition is stable, given the current economy.  To date, budget contributions have been adequate to keep payables current and cover existing staffing and ministry expenses.  The finance committee and the staff are working hard to manage current ministry expenses, and consistently looking well ahead to plan activities and programs within projected budgeted receipts.

Why should I sign a pledge to the Freedom campaign?
It is common for people to make financial commitments every day in the form of signed agreements.  A campaign pledge is an agreement or covenant between the person making the pledge and the Lord, to symbolize our “faith promise” to God. The pledge amount and subsequent giving remain at the discretion of the person who is pledging.  A deliberate decision to obey God is solidified by completing a commitment card, which enables the church to know what to expect and how to plan or make informed financial decisions.

What are the different ways I can give?
Even a small gift, given regularly, can add up to a substantial donation over time.  Get creative—defer major purchases, hold a garage sale, get the children involved with extra chores around the house, reduce spending, give your tax refund.  It’s a great way to involve your whole family in giving up something you love so that you can give to someone you love even more… Jesus Christ.

How can I help?
1.  First and foremost, please pray regularly for our Freedom campaign.

2.  Participate in the events and meetings.  Make a commitment to learn as much as you can about the campaign and the vision it will help us realize.

3.  Give sacrificially.  The vision God has granted us can only be achieved through faith and sacrifice. We have the privilege to be a part of growing His Kingdom in these last days!